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Which Hosting Provider is Best For WordPress?

What is the best hosting provider for WordPress websites

Planning to build a WordPress website and not sure how to pick a hosting provider?

That’s ok. There are tons of things to think about if it’s your first website. We understand how things can get confusing or overwhelming very quickly.

So what should you be looking for from your hosting? The very first thing is: make sure you’re protected.

The Hosting Best For WordPress is Secure

Unfortunately, there are scammers and hackers online trying to steal sensitive information and simply destroy websites… It’s important to have the proper security measures so hackers can’t take advantage of you.

Good WordPress hosting providers will make sure you have strong firewalls in place protecting your information.

Hackers won’t be able to access your website and make attacks. For example – DDOS attacks are a popular method for taking down websites, which would be a red flag for your firewalls.

With the right host, you won’t have to worry (nearly as much) about falling prey to this kind of thing.


The speed of your website is very important for a number of reasons. It plays a big factor in how well you “rank” on Google results. Meaning, when you make a specific search… Where will your article show up on the results?

On the first page? What spot?

In addition, speed is very important for user experience. If your website is really slow, no one will stick around long enough to read about who you are – and the blog articles you write.

So make sure your site is fast.

Get the Best Hosting for Your WordPress Website

Remember to take a look at our web hosting packages if you’re looking to get your WordPress site up. CanSpace is the leading domain registrar and hosting provider, working with some of Canada’s largest corporations.

If you have any other questions about hosting your WordPress website, just contact our team and we’ll help you figure it out!

What are SSL Certificates?


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In web hosting, it’s essentially the technology that secures your website. HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to secure your website.

Typically, data is sent to and from servers in text form. When connecting via HTTPS, prior to sending or receiving data from your website, it is encrypted. This is done so that hackers can’t gain access to sensitive information.

This may not be huge to worry about if you just own a blog and aren’t setting up an online store. Although having HTTPS does help with search engine optimization as Google tends to rank secure sites more highly.

When do you Need an SSL certificate?

You will need an SSL if you’re going to:

  1. Sell products on your website
  2. Create a membership website
  3. Process sensitive personal information

Any time you are processing or protecting your information or that of your website visitors/customers, you will need to set up an SSL certificate.

This ensures you’re protected and keeping the information of your customers safe.

Remember, CanSpace is Canada’s leading domain registrar and hosting provider. So if you’re looking to get your website up and selling to customers – get started with us today!

Click here to search for a hosting package that suits your needs. If you require an SSL certificate, we will also help you set that up.

Should I Buy a .CA or .COM Domain?

buy .ca domain

When should you buy a Canadian .ca domain instead of a .com domain?

It’s a question a lot of people who want a website run into…

The answer is, it depends on how you want to brand yourself. Which means, you need to think for a minute about your market.

When to Buy a .CA Domain

In our opinion, there are two instances when you should purchase a .ca domain name for your website.

  1. You are a Canadian business and/or do business mainly in Canada
  2. You want to have a Canada-specific site for your business’ Canadian branch

Many small business owners in Canada want to clearly indicate their country of operation (or celebrate it proudly!) There is no better way to do that than with a .CA domain.

Not only is a .CA domain good for your brand recognition, it’s helpful in the search engines.

Having .CA in your domain will promote authority in the Canadian marketplace – in the way Google, and consumers interpret your website as a local business.

In summary… You may want to opt-out of the .COM hype as the holy grail for domains, and look at the Canadian counterpart to help build your local presence and authority.

Where to Buy a .CA Domain

When choosing your domain – price is usually a big factor. At CanSpace, we offer the cheapest domains in Canada, guaranteed.

We also include privacy protection for free, so people can’t find out you who you are by searching for your domain. Most domain registrars charge almost double for this, so that’s more savings for you!

If you’re ready – click here to start searching for the perfect .ca domain! If you’re still not sure what domain to choose, send us a message. We’d be happy to help you decide! 

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

how to secure your wordpress website

You can secure your WordPress website both with plug-ins, and by ensuring your hosting provider has the right firewalls in place to prevent attacks.

WordPress in particular, while a great platform, does have issues with security from time to time.

This means it’s important to figure out the places hackers exploit, and plug up those holes so you don’t run the risk of website hacking or losing sensitive information.

Securing Your WordPress Website

Below are the best ways to ensure you’ve secured your WordPress website.

Monitored Firewalls

When looking for a hosting provider – make sure they have strong monitored firewalls set in place internally.

This ensures the servers where your WordPress website is hosted are protected and being watched over for suspicious activity.

In addition to having the server firewalls up and running, ask how often the hosting company updates their server software to close potential exploits.

At CanSpace we monitor our servers and client accounts 24/7. This helps ensure the utmost level of security.

Web Application Firewalls

In addition to server firewalls, securing your WordPress website can be done with a WAF (accessible from your cPanel).

The best hosting companies will provide this. We base our WAF on OWASP rules. Which helps prevent attack attempts to web software.

It is especially powerful in securing WordPress websites, Joomla etc.

However… Since this isn’t a legal requirement to be a hosting provider, most don’t bother to set up a WAF. So remember to ask the hosting company you’re checking out if they do or not.

Securing Your WordPress Website with Plug-ins

There are a number of awesome, free plug-ins you can check out and install to ensure, without a shadow of a doubt, that your website is protected.

Some of our favorites are…

Limit Log-in Attempts

protecting wordpress security with limited login attempts

This plug-in limits the amount of times a person can try logging into your site before being locked out.

Limiting the login attempts helps secure your WordPress site by ensuring hackers can’t run password cracking software to try and get into the back-end of your website (which does happen).

All in One WP Security

wordpress security plug-in

As the name would suggest, All-in-One WP Security does a number of things to help secure your WordPress website. Primarily it…

  • Checks for exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Implements security updates automatically to fix security issues
  • Gives you a visual “scoring” system so you can see how protected your site is

BulletProof Security

There are too many features to list here, but BulletProof Security is a great plug-in to protect your ass-ets.

They help secure your WordPress website in a number of ways – similar to “All-in-one” but more extensive in their features.

So, are you looking for a hosting provider that will ensure your website is fast, reliable and secure? Sign up today. We’d love to get you online (and keep it that way!)